First and foremost comes an absolute commitment to delivering what we promise. Partners at Sailix have delivered to some of the largest global brands in the Retail & Consumer industry, and we are passionate about delivering above and beyond expectations every time.

We are fair in everything we do. We believe that fairness in business means being honest with feedback and advice, charging a fair price and building fair relationships of mutual benefit. Trust is the backbone of our business, and we know that has to be earned.

Our business growth strategy is organic and built purely on referrals, recommendations and word of mouth. This way we can retain the quality of the candidates and clients we work with, enabling us to provide a better service all round.

If you are a candidate or a client we believe in working with people first, and organisations second. We will take time to understand your challenges, whether they be recruiting for a large scale programme as a client, or getting to grips with the market as a candidate. 






Everyone who works at SAILIX believes the way the recruitment industry is run needs to change. We believe that passion, professionalism and an unrivalled understanding of the latest trends in digital technology within the global retail & consumer sphere should go hand in hand with real relationships, respect and results. After all, we are in the business of people. Our mission is:


"to be the most loved and respected Digital Design, Technology and Marketing  talent partner in the industry"